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According to a Forbes article…

Why Internet Radio is The Biggest Advertising Opportunity of The Future, David Porter writes..

“With Americans now spending more time on their phones than watching television, there has never been a more opportune time to maximize internet radio experiences.”

Here’s How We Brand You to Listeners

  1. Listeners see you in a positive light because we promote positive programming!
  2. Listeners trust you because we care about community outreach.
  3. Listeners can hear your ads wherever and whenever they want, live or from our archives.

Most audiences listen when it’s convenient more than the live broadcasts. This means when you pay for Ads on traditional radio, people may not hear them. But we upload your Ads to our archives so new listeners can hear them long after the show airs live.

We want you to get the most for your investment!


Partnering with you is more important to us than just selling you advertising.

For a professionally produced Ad hear samples by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

If you want greater exposure give us a call at (603) 860-9260.

Everything is better when we’re In It Together!

Here Are Some Recent Stats!

Since our first airing July, 2015 our recognized reach has been upwards of 23,000 people worldwide. Most of our followers are from the Greater Manchester area.

We broadcast daily on Spreaker and Facebook Livestream!


We upload archives to our website, on YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud & Twitter

We’re not just looking for advertisers. We want to partner with
businesses and organizations who care about outreach efforts
within the community.

When you advertise with us you become
trusted within the community

We’re thankful for those who partner with Us!

Morgan Self Storage is on the Web and Facebook!

Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers is on Facebook!

CrossNet Inc is on the Web and Facebook!

PJam Fitness is on the Web and Facebook!

Marc Major, Coach Speaker and Executive Director of The John Maxwell team. Web and Facebook.

Here are a some of the organizations who have joined our broadcast or partner with us.



Apparel Impact





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