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  • I’ve been privileged to know Lori Greene. She has been a source of great inspiration, knowledge and faith. There are not too many people in life who are able to look into your soul and grab the truth, and then push you to become the best part of yourself after realizing those truths. It’s hard to relate to people…but Lori has always excelled in that area and is one of the few people I would trust with…my future. You’d be hard pressed to find a more qualified of compassionate individual in this line of work. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to build an exceptional life, now and for the future.

    K. Kopera
  • Lori Greene has helped me beyond words, & in my darkest hour. First she helped me realize my priorities, which lead me to realize I had no control over them. She then gently guided me to find resolution to my issues by making a written plan to assist with my success. I feel years wiser, successful, & fulfilled as I go about my day implementing the plans and strategies we’ve set. I’d literally be flat on my face if I hadn’t reached out, when I did. -Thank you so much Lori

    S. Jenkins
  • I cannot count how many times Lori Greene had confirmed what God has shared with me simply by being sensitive to the Spirit…Lori’s sensitivity…has encouraged me and uplifted me many, many times. Lori has also shared excellent advice on countless occasions which I feel has been directed not only by experience and wisdom but love, respect, and a connection with the Holy Spirit. I deeply treasure her advice, words of wisdom, and friendship.

    A. Kiloran