“Time spent with Lori whether it be over the airwaves or in person is always time well spent. Tune-in and be ready to smile, laugh, learn and often walk away inspired.”

“In it together with Lori Greene is a great radio show and Lori is a amazing radio host. This is a very different show as it brings positive news to the air waves around Southern NH and beyond. I have personally been on the show and was a very awesome experience. It was my first ever live radio interview and she helped me keep calm and focused. Overall it was a very fun experience and would highly recommend you tune in…”

“I absolutely love the positive attitude that this show brings every morning!! Always something to take away and learn. Thank you Lori Greene for giving us In It Together!!”

“Having been part of several shows with Lori, it is very easy to see how much she genuinely cares about her listeners as well as her guests. There are no wasted segments, no time-fillers. Lori cares, and it shows!”

“I LOVE Lori Lynn and I know that The Lord has graced her with His calling in this. It is TRULY evident each and every time I have been with her and have heard airings and segments. God is WITH her and is speaking to all through her show!”

“What a blessing this radio station is. May God bless all who are apart of it.”

“It is so refreshing to have a POSITIVE alternative out there. Thanks Lori for what you do to bring positive programming to your listeners.”

“I think this broadcast and Facebook’s page has a great purpose and offers a place to reach out to others, as well as possibly even partake in the live call in phone line. There can never be enough recovery resource locations for the addict community and friends and family of to have to turn to. Thanks Lori for providing such!”

“Wonderful positive programming! Love the intention and heart Lori Lynn brings to the world! We need more of this!”

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