Power of the Thought

jenJenn Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers talked to Lori about addiction in the thought life for Recovery Now.  “Thinking is the number one addiction,” Lori shared.  They discussed the restoration of the brain, the importance of realizing why you were created and learning to just be.  They told the listeners that they are not victims to anything and spoke about working


Samaritan Truth: Thanksgiving Broadcast

15219593_904791319650847_983378963218157928_nLori and Lydia O’Leary were joined by Jim O’Leary, Adam Small, Mellissa Cobin and Amber Carito for this week’s special Thanksgiving Day broadcast of Samaritan Truth.  They started the show by going through a series of questions, before they got real and discussed what Thanksgiving is to some people.  Tune in to get all of the details.


The Johnson Amendment and Church Issues

Lori and JoshLori and Merrimack State Representative Josh Moore talked about the Johnson Amendment for Justice for All.  They explained what it was and what it was used for.  They then discussed the Founding Fathers and how they viewed religion.  Finally, they shared about the condition of the church and her relationship with society.  Tune in for the details.

Kelly Riley of Hope for NH Recovery

Kelly, Lori and JennLori and Jenn Lever of Little Leapers and Knowledge Keepers spoke to Kelly Riley, who is from Hope for NH Recovery.  Kelly spoke about how she got involved in the organization, losing her son to addiction, struggling with recovery and more.  Jenn talked about responding from the subconscious and they discussed the place of God in recovery.  Finally, they shared signs of being out of balance, advice for parents and more.  Tune in to this segment of Recovery Now to hear all about it.


Resort to Prayer: Filling Our Lives with God

12509686_738872286242752_9003583489888285777_n(Segment One) Lori was joined this morning by Anita Perry for the Never Alone segment.  They talked about grace energy.  Lori told us the differences between the life in you and the life around you.  They shared about the power of the Holy Spirit and our place in it.  “We have a ministry of reconciliation,” Lori said.  Tune in to hear more.

(Segment Two) Anita introduced her guests Stephen and Barbara Arbo.  Barbara talked to us about how she came to meet God.  She told us about a deliverance from drugs and a former lifestyle.  Stephen shared that we fill our lives with everything else and we end up with nothing.

(Segment Three) In our final segment with Stephen and Barbra we heard how they came to New Hampshire.  They talked about establishing a place of prayer in the hearts of people.  They shared about the search for a physical location for a place for prayer.  For more information click here.

Prayerful Protests and Connecting to God

Lori, Lydia and JulieLori and Lydia O’Leary started Samaritan Truth by giving good perspectives towards recent news stories.  They spoke about the benefits to changing your thoughts and discussed the protests that have cropped up after the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States.  They then took a call from Julie Stewart Valdes, who told her story about praying into the politically charged protests.  Finally, they discussed understanding who God really is and being connected to Him by the Spirit.  Tune in to hear all about it.