Good Samaritans and Giving God Glory

Today’s Samaritan Truth began with discussion about the meaning of being a Good Samaritan, because we’re supposed to love our enemies and treat them as neighbors. “The church is called to be a family”, said Lydia.

Torri Hawkes also join Lori & Lydia to share about her influence on her young cousin. Together they made kindness rocks and gave out candy to strangers. Torri’s mom, Jamie called in to chime in on the conversation.

Finally, gifted pianist/artist, Blake Guyre, who plays at charity events in the Disney area, called in to talk about his music career, and how he gets positive feedback for ending his music sets with worship music. “We want to give all the glory to God”, said Blake.

A Manchester Christian Church Christmas

Jason, Lynn, Lori and DanLori started today’s Come Together community show by hearing about Jason Rose’s role at Manchester Christian Church as Community Pastor.  He talked about the upcoming Christmas Service at the SNHU Arena and the Bedford Campus, before Dan King chimed in about their “Pray for One” mission and loving people.  Dan then spoke about his life and honed in on the moment when he first realized what being a believer was all about.  He shared a Christmas song, “Hark the Herald”, as well as, “What Child is This”, and an original song entitled “Oh Holy Night”. The show ended with “Joy to The World” as Lori and Lynn joined in the sing-a-long.

Spiritual Maturity and Loving God in Unfamiliar Places

Catherine, Lori and LydiaToday on Samaritan Truth, Catherine DeVeau joined Lori and Lydia. They started the conversation by talking about the anniversary of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Lori emphasized the value of human life and the importance of being spiritually mature to love people, before Catherine shared about how she’s traveled the world and how God recently brought her to Midwifery school. Lydia then added how important it was to “be other-conscious, other focused.” “I’m first a spiritual midwife”, said Catherine. Finally, Julie Valdes called in to share about her relationship with Catherine.


Come Let Him Adorn You Christmas Event

Raf, Lisa and LoriLori spoke to Lisa and Raf Diaz for this week’s Good Life segment.  They talked about Saturday’s Come Let Him Adorn You Christmas event in the city of Manchester, which involved over three hundred shoppers and two hundred volunteers.  They discussed an encounter with the presence of God, testimonies and more.  Tune in for the details.

Loving Displaced Refugees

Lori, Lydia and SarahAfter beginning with a couple of worship songs, Lori spoke with Sarah Brown Devost for Samaritan Truth.  Sarah updated the listeners about her journey to Germany and spoke about how Christians can respond to displaced refugees.  Lydia O’Leary then came to the microphone and talked about ways that the church can love those who are coming into their country.  Tune in to hear all about it.